Your interactive and evolutive maps.
Immediately and simply.
Without any line of code.

Maps generator

Generate maps for your Web site

Quickly add interactive maps to your web site

You want to create an interactive map to display
your stores, your points of sale, your agencies, your centers, your distributors, the places where to find your products, your establishments, places to visit, any points of interest, with a customizable and scalable solution, at low cost?
geodateo is for you!
US big cities map Wonders of the World map UNESCO map Earthquakes map
Creating an interactive map has never been easier
interactive map in 3 clicks

Get a beautiful map in just a few clicks !

Build your own maps quickly, without any line of code.
No expertise needed.
Just upload your markers set data file, your map is then automatically generated !
Feel free to customize it as you like.
Integrate it directly in your Web site !
interactive map in 3 clicks
Powerful features

Generate intuitive and performant maps

Precise positioning of your markers on the map.
Smooth transitions when changing zoom level, a really ractive map.

Adapted ergonomics, for an optimal user experience!
From a single marker to several thousand, geodateo adapts to your volumetry of points.
Example of a single point map
Example of map with more than 1 000 points
Example of map with 10 000 points
excel ssv json geojson
magic map

Different source data formats accepted

Microsoft Excel, JSON, GeoJSON and CSV data formats are accepted.
Generate your map from all or part of the properties of the source data.
excel ssv json geojson
magic map

Markers clustering

Automatically group nearby markers into clusters, via the native geodateo MagicClusterer function.
For a better rendering of your markers, for a better user experience !
Fluid animation of groups of markers on change of zoom level.
Possibility of grouping markers in separate layers, distinguished by dedicated colors.
geodateo – markers clusters

Point filtering

Filter your points of interest on a set of configurable criteria, grouped together in a filter menu.

Advanced built-in search module

Offer the possibility to search for a point of interest via the advanced search tool, directly integrated to the generated map.
Fast and intuitive points search.
geodateo - any datasource format

Fluid and mobile-friendly maps

Benefit from a fast and fluid navigation by the optimization of material resources, and the use of the latest Web technologies (HTML5 and CSS3).

The maps generated by geodateo are suitable for any medium: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

geodateo produces efficient and responsive maps, accepting a large number of points!
geodateo - any datasource format

Fully customizable maps

Thanks to the geodateo Map Builder tool, designed to be intuitive and ergonomic:
- Define one or more layers,
- Choose the appearance of markers and groupings of markers,
- Customize colors, styles of markers, labels displayed.

Select the basemap from a series of available styles.
geodateo - customized interactive maps
geodateo - evolutive maps

Evolutive maps

Need to add, modify or remove a point on your map?
Simply update the data source at any time: the map is automatically regenerated by taking in account the new data set.

Modify / adapt the rendering of your map as you wish, anytime.
Duplicate your cards, create new cards, delete your cards no longer needed at any time.
geodateo - evolutive maps

 1 map = 1 permanent link

A permanent link is assigned to your map.

Integrate it directly as an iFrame into your web page !

Any modification made on the map via the Map Generator is automatically and immediately visible on your site!
Gem Shop
3 stores in London City Find a Store
Display map in

1 map = N languages!

Your map is multi-lingual!

If necessary, translate your map into one or more languages, from the Map Builder.

Display the map in the desired language by simply adding a 'lang' parameter in the permanent link to the map.
Display map in

1 map = N unit maps

Management of single-marker links: your multi-point map is available in as many unit maps as there are points.

You have the possibility of enriching the permanent link to the map, so as to locate a given point of interest.

Possibility to hide all other points of interest.
Geolocalize the store #
A full online solution

A pure Web application

No need to use an expensive GIS cartographic software suite.
No installation required on your workstation.
No development needed.
Access the tool directly from your web browser.
Your cards are safe, stored on our servers.
Access your maps securely via your personal geodateo user account.
geodateo – a pure Web application
geodateo – open source maps

Based on OpenStreetMap

geodateo uses an OpenSource base map library based on OpenStreetMap.
Dynamic rendering of maps and provided by the Leaflet JS library.
These resources are proven and widely used standards.
geodateo – open source maps

Secured data transfer to our serveurs through HTTPS

Your personal data and your own maps are protected.
A clear privacy policy.
A secured private storage for your maps, linked to your user account.
geodateo - data security
Simple and clear plans
Geodateo - clear princing

Simple terms

Use your maps for any use case including commercial Web applications.
Subscribe monthly to have your maps fully available.
Clear pricing, no hidden costs.
Simplified license management.
Possibility of changing the license at any time.
Feel free to stop your subscription at any time, without losing your user account or your cards.
Terms and Conditions
Geodateo - clear princing

The most competitive
interactive maps generation offer on the market

From 12€ per month.
No surprises, All included.
Save money with geodateo
How does it work ?
  • Just upload our geolocated data set to geodateo servers
  • Your interactive map is computed in a flash
  • Customize your map as you want
  • Assign a permanent link to your map
  • Use this map wherever you need it
  • Edit it whenever you want

geodateo is trusted by different brands worldwide. Why not by you ?

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