What kind of datasource ?

Files format

Supported data format as input

geodateo accepts the upload of geolocated point files, respecting the following conditions: 

- Size <20MB
- Maximum 10 000 points geolocated in the file
- Must contain two lagitude / longitude attributes named "lat"/"lng" or "lat"/"lon" or "latitude"/"longitude", in WGS84 format, used for the geolocation of the points.
- All latitude / longitude values ​​must be consistent: are respectively values ​​between [-90 °, + 90 °] and [-180 °, + 180 °]
- Cannot contain two attributes with the same name
- Attributes can contain htpp (s) url to images: extension .png .jpg .jpeg .gif
- Attributes may contain htpp (s) links to web pages. Example of supported extensions: .html, .php
- The name of the attributes must not contain special characters

The accepted file formats are: 

Microsoft ExcelXLS or XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
- Presents a set of records (1 per line)
- The first line of the file is the header describing the attributes
- The file it an UTF-8 file

Example file in .xlsx Excel format

CSV/SSV formatCSV or SSV
- Text file in UTF-8 encoding format
- Presents a set of records (1 per line)
- The first line of the file is the header describing the attributes
- Each attribute or attribute value is separated by a colon or a semicolon
- Each attribute or attribute value may be surrounded by quotes

Example file in SSV format
Example file in CSV format

- Content is an array of JSON objects
- Each object has the same set of attributes, including at least a geographical position

Example file in JSON format

GeoJSON formatGeoJSON
- The content is an object in GeoJSON format
- It contains a "FeatureCollection" type and a "features" attribute: array of "feature" type objects presenting "properties" and "Point" type geometry "geometry" with coordinates specified by "coordinates"

Example file in GeoJSON format
A specific "hours" type value format is available :

If the format is respected, the column is automatically associated with an opening "hours" type data.
A specific display of the value will then be produced.
An automatic presentation of the current day is performed.

Format Definition:


First character: the store status code:
  0 Store is accessible
  1 Opening soon (new store under construction for example)
  2 Temporary closure (store under renovation for example)
Then, separated by the character "|" :
  The name of the store's time zone. Ex: "Europe/Paris", "Europe/London", ...
  Used to compare the time of the user visiting the website with the local time of the country where the store is located
Then, separated by the character "|" :
   A series of opening days:
     - The code for the day of the week: 0 (Sunday), 1 (Monday), 2 (Tuesday), 3 (Wednesday), 4 (Thursday), 5 (Friday), 6 (Saturday)
     - The wording of the day: "Wednesday", "Wed." ...
     - The time slot: continuous or in 2 slots separated by a comma
         Example of a continuous range: "08:30-19:00"
         Example of a double slot over the day: "07h00-12h00,13h00-19h30"

   The order of definition of the opening days will be the one displayed.
   It is not mandatory to show every day of the week. Only those defined will be displayed.
   H24:MM (ex: "07:20") or H24hMM (ex: "07:20") formats are accepted.